AlleyWatch Event Listing

AlleyWatch is the largest organization focused on the New York startup and tech community with an audience in over 200 countries and is pleased to support the ecosystem by offering The NYC Tech Events Calendar on AlleyWatch.

In order to submit your event listing, please have the following ready for submission on the next page:

  • Event Title
  • Event Description (this should include key details on the content of the event and not things like date, location, venue, etc.) Those particulars will be collected separately
  • An image that can be included with your event listing. This image should be at least 1000px in width
  • Event Date
  • Event Start and End Time
  • Venue Details
  • Organizer Details
  • Event Website (this should be the URL where one can directly purchase a ticket and not a general event site)
  • Email address of the submitter
  • The cost of the event. If there are multiple costs, please put the lowest cost. If the event has no cost, please put FREE

Please note the following before submission.  Inclusion in our calendar is completely at the discretion of AlleyWatch management and submission does not guarantee inclusion. AlleyWatch, by policy, does not include the following types of events unless done on a paid marketing basis:

  • Events that have no tangible educational value
  • Events that are hosted by service providers
  • Events that do not have nominal ticket prices
  • Events that have a significant sponsorship component

If your event falls into one of the categories above, we are happy to discuss custom marketing options to reach our audience. We have extensive experience with event activations and would be happy to walk you through the options to drive qualified and targeted registrations. Please feel free to learn more about the marketing options that your organization can take advantage of here or shoot us an email.

If you’ve read everything above and are ready to submit, please click on the image below: